Ezdrummer Review

Toontrack Ezdrummer Review demonstrating the capabilities of this multi layer sampler but should you buy the cd or use Toontracks ezdrummer download?

There is no question about how good the Ezdrummer is. I use it on my tracks and I can say that it is easy to set up and use and the results are great. I also have Groove Agent 3 and session drummer and EZdrummer blows both of them away as far as sound quality goes. I do prefer Groove Agents ease of use but after learning how to use EZdrummer I found it very easy to use.

The only question is should you buy the cd or get a ez drummer download. For me getting the cd is the best option. Ok, you do have to wait for it to be delivered but I still prefer having the cd. The other thing you should consider is the price of the download compared to the cd. I found I could get the cd of Ezdrummer a lot cheaper than the ezdrummer megaupload.

The Ezdrummer download is a great option but 

the CD can be bought a lot cheaper.

OK, if you do buy Ezdrummer you won't be disappointed but you can always test it out first just to be sure with a ezdrummer free download.

Ezdrummer is a multi layer virtual drum instrument sampler. What you get with EZdrummer is 7000 sound files with 8000 drum patterns with multiple microphone control. If that isn't enough it is also drag and drop which makes it dead easy to use.

For the price you won't find a better virtual drummer software on the market. You can also up grade the drum sounds and patterns which make EZdrummer one of the best out there.

Ezdrummer should be on your short list of virtual drummer software to buy

even if it is the ez drummer download .

Have a Look on Amazon for The Best Price for

Ezdrummer 2



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