Guitar Tuner With Mic

Here are five Guitar Tuner With Mic apart from one which is a clip on. Which microphone guitar tuner is the best?

´╗┐Stark SN-1 Guitar Tuner´╗┐

The Stark SN-1 Guitar Tuner is on this Guitar Tuner With Mic page because it is a very good clip on tuner. It uses a high sensitivity vibration sensor which is as good and maybe better than a tuner with a mic.

This tuner has a colorful display which is easy to read and it rotates 360 degrees which helps you see the display from any position.

This is mainly for guitar and bass as the frequency range which is set for guitar and bass. But Stark make an all instrument tuner the Stark SN-2 which can be used for any instrument.

The Snark SN-1 is a great guitar tuner, read more about it here.

Korg CA-40 Guitar Tuner

The Korg CA-40 Guitar Tuner is a guitar tuner with mic which can also be used with a guitar cable so can use it with an electric guitar. It has a wide frequency range from 27.50 Hz to 4186.01 Hz so is a good chromatic tuner that can be used for any instrument.

With the wide frequency range you can use this guitar tuner with mic for tuning a guitar to drop D tuning, drop C tuning, open D tuning or any other tuning you can think off.

The Korg CA-40 is a guitar tuner with mic

which should be on your short list of guitar tuners to buy.

Read more about it on Amazon here.

Boss TU-80 Guitar Tuner

The Boss TU-80 Guitar Tuner is a chromatic tuner so can be used with any instrument and also has a metronome with 7 rhythms and 10 beats.

The tuner works well but needs a relatively quiet room to work. The metronome works well but as to be expected the quality of sound isn't the best and it can be hard to here above the sound of the guitar.

The Boss TU-80 is good as a chromatic tuner but the metronome is a little less inspirational. Read more about it on Amazon here.

Yamaha YT-150 Guitar Tuner

This guitar tuner is the Yamaha YT-150 guitar tuner. This is a very accurate guitar tuner which has a bass mode so you can use it for bass guitars.

The Yamaha YT-150 is not a chromatic tuner so it can only be used for guitar and bass and can only tune to standard tuning. So if you are looking for a tuner that will tune to open D, open C or drop D tuning then the Korg CA-40 Guitar Tuner is a better option.

The Yamaha YT-150 is very accurate but if you want a more versatile tuner look at the Korg CA-40

Korg CA-1 Guitar Tuner

The Korg CA-1 Guitar Tuner is a chromatic tuner with a full frequency range so you can tune any instrument and tune to open tunings.

Korg make some of the best tuners you can buy and the CA-1 is no exception. Like the CA-40 this is a very versatile tuner which is accurate for any type of instrument and any type of tuning, open D, open C or any other tuning you want.

The Korg CA-1 Guitar Tuner is very easy to use and very accurate. Read more about it here on Amazon

Of the five tuners on this page the two that stand out the most are the Korg CA-40 and the Korg CA-1 for their ease of use, accuracy and versatility. You will not be disappointed with either of these guitar tuners and will quickly tune your instrument so you can get on with playing it in tune which is the whole point of having a guitar tuner with mic.

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