Rode Classic II Review

The Rode Classic II is the best tube condenser microphone produced by Rodes. It has a 1 in. dual diaphragm capsule with a twin triode valve and Jensen output transformer. The result of this is a Classic warmth and richness when recording both vocals and acoustic instruments. The Rode Classic microphone is a tube based, large diaphragm condenser, and is best to use only in the recording studio, it just wouldn't work for a live sound. This microphone has nine different pick up patterns which are cardioid, figure eight, omni and six settings in between. More then what you would expect.

It is warm, clear, and has a full soundand holds it own against other tube microphones.

Recording acoustic guitar the Classic 2 has a very balanced, warm and slightly compressed tone. Like an old analog recording of a great sounding guitar.

The Rode Classic 2 does a great job with vocals, recording the vocals with a full fat sound which sat in the front of the mix.

This Rode Classic works best when used for close ups, at a distance you have to have a very quiet room as it picks up every sound around. This Rode has a full bodied tone, making it great for vocals and other acoustic instruments due to fact that it picks up the full frequency spectrum of the instrument. The sound is very detailed can capturing a full-bodied sound and make it sound great.

This is the Best Microphone Rode has to Offer.


  • 9 polar patterns
  • Variable pad and filter
  • Shock mount
  • Solid brass
  • Hand-polished body
  • Glass bead-blasted and coated in satin nickel

Also included: 30 ft. copper cable with heavy-duty plugs and sockets, power supply, a suspension shock mount, stand mount, thread adaptor and sturdy aluminium flight case. This is a great microphone and has a consistant sound, it is very reliable, and sounds as if it cost more than what you pay.

Rode Classic II Review


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Rode Classic II


Rode Classic II

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