The Home Recording Studio

The Home Recording Studio
a dedicated website,
bringing the best information about
recording music in your home studio.

You have come to the right site if you want information about:

Home studio recording
Setting up a home studio
Recording Technique
Computer requirements

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With a computer, microphone and recording software
there are no limits to what you can do.

You can record vocals, guitar, piano or any other instrument.

Then add drums, bass, backing vocals or what ever you want.

You can then add:

mix it,
burn it,
master it,

and do it all with your home computer in the home recording studio.

When I first started recording music in my home, I had a

reel to reel tape recorder
and a microphone.

The mic would record the vocal and guitar at the same time on track 1 then I would record the backing vocal, lead guitar etc. on track 2.

(It was a 2 track recorder,stereo/left and right!)

I got good results,

but it was limited!

If I wanted drums, bass or anything else,
other musicians had to play and be recorded.

With a home recording studio, you can do all of this:


All you need is a computer , microphone and creativity.
(You Don't Even Need A Microphone!)

If your just starting out.

Or if your a Pro.

This site will help you do it!

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Keep writing, playing and recording your music.

Keep It Creative in Your Home Recording Studio.

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