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Midi Controller Keyboard

If you have a Virtual Midi Keyboard, will you still need a hardware midi controller for your home recording studio?

With midi keyboard software you can trigger MIDI notes using the mouse or the computer keyboard. But, if you can play the keyboard or even if you can't, imputing the notes will be quicker with a hardware midi keyboard.

A Midi controller is an input device. It is used to sending MIDI signals or commands to other devices connected to the controller.

MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

The keyboard does not produce sound. Instead, MIDI information is sent to the computer or sound module, then the sound module produces sounds or samples of musical instruments.

If space is a problem for you then a 25 key midi keyboard will be the one to get. They even come as a usb midi keyboard to make it easy connecting midi keyboard to computer.

Sound parameters are sent to the software DAW or sound module

These include:

  • note pitch,
  • note volume,
  • note length,
  • attack,
  • sustain,
  • and more.

Keyboard features might include:

  • Semi-weighted or fully weighted keys
  • Capability of sending aftertouch
  • USB keyboard controller 
  • 25 to 88 key in length
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • Assignable rotary knobs and/or buttons
  • Octave up/down; transpose up/down
  • Sustain pedal jack
  • Software such as DAWs

A MIDI controller keyboard is useful even if you can't play the keyboard. Its a time saver when inputting notes. If you can play then it is a must have for your home recording studio.

You can get a basic MIDI controller keyboard or an advanced MIDI controller keyboard. Depending on your budget and skill level.

You can also get a midi controller for other types of instrument, such as guitar, drums and wind instruments.

So even if you can't play the keyboard, you can still use a midi controller to input music into your computer.

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