Computer Audio Amplifier

The Computer Audio Amplifier or reference amplifier  is used to supply power to passive monitors. They are different from a stereo audio amplifier as they are built for the studio.

They Provide:

  • Low Noise
  • Accurate sound
  • Optimised for Passive Monitors
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Stable Operation
  • Quality Components

If you have a Active Monitor then you won't need  a reference amplifier as active monitors have an audio integrated amplifier built into them. With Passive Monitors you need an amplifier to power them.

The Reference Amplifier has advantages:

  • The amplifier and monitor are separate so upgrade coast are less.
  • You can buy quality monitors and a cheaper amplifier and then upgrade the amplifier later.

The Active Monitors advantages:

  • The amplifier is matched exactly to the monitor.
  • Short speaker cables.
  • Less colouration and noise.

Active Monitors have the amplifier built inside the monitor which can effect the sound quality.

Low end priced active monitors are built to achieve low sale price so the amplifiers and power supplies are low quality.

Which ever way you go you will get good results.

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