Basic Gear for Recording Music

By: Victor Epand

There are various gear for recording music. One type of gear operates and affects the ultimate music quality in one way, and the other in a completely different way. To create and compose excellent music with high quality receptive sound, you need to know the details of these various types of gear.

Multitrack recorders can be analog cassette tapes. It can record multiple tracks at a very limited amount of space and number of possible tracks. These are usually the cheapest multitrack recorders. Another is the Digital tape. These are removable digital tapes similar to Zip and Jazz Drives. Then there is the Hard Disk. The multitracker is a form of a hard drive of a computer, which will enable you to store much more work than a tape. Some hard drives can also be upgraded at memory and they are removable.

Another is the Removable Disk. They are removable analog disks that can store more information than cassettes. The disk is usually specific to the manufacturer. The other is the CD, which includes TASCAM CC 22MKIII, a Pro CD recorder with MP3 playback and ROLAND CD 2, an audio recorder that can record sound onto Compact Flash and CD burner. 

Microphone is the most important gear for recoding music. The utility value of your microphone depends on two factors, one is the quality and the other is the consistency. Consistency is important, as psychological factors are so great in the perception of sound and because eventual usages of your sound resources may result in arbitrary segments played in juxtaposition. 

Studio monitor, also known as the reference monitor, is one of the gear for recording music. There are loudspeakers specially designed for music production of the source material. They generally attempt to paint an accurate audio image of the material with no unnatural emphasis or de emphasis of a particular frequency.

Mixer is another gear for recording music. This is an audio device with one or more lines. It may be an electronic or mechanical instrument. An electronic mixer device mixes signals. It also offers frequency mixers, a telecommunications device used to alter the carrier frequency of a signal. It supports audio mixing console, an electronic device for combining, routing and changing the level of tone or dynamics of two or more audio signals. It can also combine 15 or more video signals. It offers mode mixer, a telecommunications device for handling signals on optical fibers.

Audio interface with in and out configuration, complete with preamps, is one of the perfect gear for music recording. It offers routing of discrete output to a mixer or directly driving it to a surround sound system. 

Studio Signal Processor is another gear for music recording. An audio signal processing is the processing of a representation of auditory signals or sound. The representation can be digital or analog. An analog representation is usually electrical and the voltage level represents the air pressure waveform of the sound. Whereas a digital signal representation expresses the pressure waveform as a sequence of symbols, usually binary numbers, which permit digital signal processing. The processing methods and application areas include storage, level compression, data compression, transmission, enhancement for example equalization, filtering, noise cancellation, echo or reverb removal or addition and many more.

The above mentioned gears for recording music are some of the basic necessities that makes a complete recording unit and added to that there are few other accessories such as bag and cases, cables, headphones, and many more.

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