The Reference Monitor

The reference monitor is what you use to listen to your music. It is important to have the best that you can afford. Home speakers will do the job but, they are designed to make the music sound good! 

For your home recording studio you need monitors that will make the music sound as accurate as possible. You don't want the music to be colored in anyway. You need speakers that tell it like it is!

You need to be able to here the music without anything that home speakers might add.

There are three types of audio speakers:

  • Near-Field
  • Mid-Field
  • Far-Field

The mid-field and far-field are not suitable for the home recording studio. They are expensive and need to be listened to from a distance of about 5 to 10 feet away. The best to use are near field monitor speakers.

The Monitors can also be:

  • Active
  • Passive

With passive monitors you need to have an amplifier to use them. The amplifier can color the sound depending on the amplifier you use. With active studio monitors the amplifier is built in the monitor.

So, for the best results you need a: Near-Field Active Monitor

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