Sonar Tutorial

Learn How to use Sonar 8

This is the Sonar Tutorial Access Page. From this page you can access all the Sonar 8 Tutorials.

Sonar 8 can be a bit daunting to someone new to the software and even to someone who has used it.

When it comes to DAW software Sonar 8 might not be the easiest to learn but it is worth it if you persevere as it includes everything you need to make professional music in your Home Recording Studio.

All the tutorials will have step by step written instruction.

The tutorials will take you step by step, showing you how to record your own song in Sonar 8.

Each tutorial covers a particular aspect of the Sonar Recording Software from Cakewalk.

They show you how to:

  • Setup Audio for the best recording
  • Record Acoustic Guitar
  • Create a Drum track with Sonar Drumsets
  • Add other instruments and vocals
  • Add effects and dynamics
  • Record a Midi Track
  • Use Sonars Soft Synths
  • Mix your recording
  • Master the Recording
  • And how to burn to CD

As you can see a lot is going to be covered and it will take time to do it. I will build each page a quick as I can and apologies for the delay.

But the wait will be worth it as you will learn step by step how to record a song in Sonar 8 and have a completed song at the end of the tutorials.

So on with the tutorials:

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