Audio Gates

Audio Gates allow signal to pass through if it is above the threshold. When the signal is below the threshold the gate closes and stops the signal coming through. When the signal is above the threshold the gate opens allowing the signal to pass through. They let the desired signal through and stop the unwanted noise. It filters out sound below the threshold.

Gates can have the following settings:

  • Threshold
  • Attack
  • Hold Time
  • Decay Time
  • Range

Here is a Fantastic Gate:
MultiGate Pro

The Gates parameters:


  • This is the volume level the gate will allow to pass through.


  • How fast the gate opens once the signal is over the threshold.

Hold Time

  • The time the gate stays open once the signal is over the threshold. 

Decay Time

  • How long it takes the gate to close after the signal falls below the threshold.


  • The amount of signal that comes through that is below the threshold.

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