Digital Equalizers
For The Home Recording Studio

Digital Equalizers might be the most useful effects tools you can use in Your Home Recording Studio. It lets you adjust the frequencies of the instruments in the song so that each instrument has its own place within the song. You can cut frequencies that take away from the instrument and boost frequencies that add a particular tone to the instrument.

The Behringer FBQ1000 Digital 24-Bit Feedback Suppressor/Parametric Equalizer is one that you should consider for your home recording studio.

There are basically four types of equalizers:

  • Parametric
  • Graphic
  • Shelf
  • Filter

You can get audio equalizer software that has all of these types included although graphic equalizers tend to be stand alone units.

 Parametric EQ

  • With parametric EQ you select a frequency you want to affect
    then you set the range (Q) you want to affect.
  • Q is a number that reflects the number of octaves the EQ affects.
  • The parametric EQ lets you take a small range of frequencies and
    boost or cut them. This allows you to carve out frequencies for each instrument so that they fit in the mix with one another.
  • The frequency of each instrument can be adjusted so that
    each instrument can be heard in the mix.

Graphic EQ

  • Graphic equalizers have a set number of frequencies that you can adjust. They will have 5, 10, 20, 30 and more bands which each affect small range of frequencies.
  • They allow you to eliminate frequencies or boost frequencies.
  • As you can see this is also something a parametric eq can do
    plus it can do a lot more.

Shelf EQ

  • A shelf EQ affects frequencies above or below a set frequency
  • They are used to roll off the top or bottom end of the frequency range.
  • They are useful for eliminating the low frequency rumble in a recording.

Filter EQ

  • These filter frequencies above or below a set frequency.
  • Low-pass filters let the low frequencies threw and block the high frequencies.
  • High-pass filters let the high frequencies threw and block the low frequencies.

You can get audio equalizer software that will do all that you need
in one software program, in fact most flagship DAWs include
all of these equalizers. 

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