Compression Limiter

What is a Compression Limiter? An audio compressor limiter is basically a compressor that uses a high ratio to avoid clipping.Like a compressor, a limiter will limit the signal to a set threshold.

A limiter doesn't increase the quiet parts like a compressor. Although when the louder parts are reduced buy the limiter the quieter parts seem louder.

Behringer MDX4600 4-Channel Expander

The limiter will let you increase the overall volume of the track.

The controls are similar to a compressor:

  • Threshold
  • Ratio
  • Attack
  • Release
  • Gain

Here is a brief explanation of each parameter:

  • Threshold: This is the volume level the Limiter begins to affect the signal.
  • Ratio: This is the amount of compression applied to the signal.
  • Attack: How fast the Limiter starts affect the signal once the signal is over the threshold.
  • Release: How long it the Limiter stays on after the signal has fallen below the threshold.
  • Gain: Adjust the make up volume after the signal is affected by the Limiter.

Other Limiting Parameters:

  • Hard limiting: has a high ratio and fast attack and release time.
  • Soft limiting: has a low ratio and slower attack and release time.
  • Brick wall limiting: has a very high ratio and a very fast attack time.

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