Sonar Drumsets Tutorial

Session 2
Part Two.

If you are looking for information on Sonar Acoustic Drum Sets Click this link:

 Sonar Acoustic Drum Sets 

The Sonar Drumsets Tutorial shows how to use Session Drummer 2 in your sonar project.

This tutorial will give you a basic understanding of Session Drummer 2 plus take you step by step in using it in your project.

Sonar 8.5
Flagship Recording Software

There are two ways to create a drum part with SD2 to use in your project.

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. Triggering with MIDI Notes

Drag and Drop Tutorial

  1. Start Sonar Select New Project.
  2. Start Session Drummer.
  3. In Insert Soft Synth Options select Midi source, First Synth Audio Output and Synth property page.
  4. Select NEW PROGRAM.
  5. Select Hard Rock.
  6. Select Hard Rock Room.Prog.
  7. Highlight pattern A.
  8. Drag and Drop pattern G into bar 1 of the Midi track using the drag and drop tool, Icon with a note and + within the Midi section of SD2.
  9. Drag and Drop pattern C into bar 2.
  10. Drag and drop pattern D into bar 6.
  11. Drag and drop pattern F into bar 10.
  12. Press play on the transport control.

MIDI Triggering Tutorial

  1. Start sonar, new project and session drummer.
  2. Open the Piano Roll View (PRV) in the SD2 MIDI track.
  3. Select whole note duration for the draw tool.
  4. Place a note at bar 1 to bar 2 at LEVEL A2.
  5. Place a note at bar 2 to bar 6 at level F2.
  6. Place a note at bar 6 to bar 10 at level F#2.
  7. Place a note at bar 10 to bar 14 at level G#2.
  8. Press play on the transport control.

It should sound the same as the tutorial above.

Sonar 8.5
Flagship Recording Software

The trigger notes for each pattern are:

  • Pad A=Eb2
  • Pad B=E2
  • Pad C=F2
  • Pad D=F#2
  • Pad E=G2
  • Pad F=G#2
  • Pad G=A2
  • Pad H=Bb2

Out of the two methods the Drag and Drop is quicker and easier. But, use the one you find best. 

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