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The recording studio tips page has advice and tips to help you in your home recording studio.

The home recording tips page is a quick reference guide to some of the information on this site but in a shortened version.

I hope you find the help you need but if not, come back to this page as more will be added to this page in the days, weeks and months ahead.


  • Experiment with different microphone types and patterns.
  • Try different microphone positions.
  • Compare the difference between using one microphone and two microphones.


  • Record drums fist to have a timing track or use a metronome.
  • Record at 24-bit to have a greater dynamic range.
  • Record at 44.1kHz or 48kHz to help preserve hard drive space.However if you have the space or the track is small and simpletry 92kHz or even 192kHz
  • If recording a wet signal record a dry as well just incase the wet doesn't sound right in the mix.

Acoustic Guitar Recording

  • Use new strings but allow to settle in and stretch a bit.
  • Try using different microphone types
  • Try using different microphone patterns
  • Try using different locations in the room

Electric Guitar Recording

  • A small amp might produce the sound you want.
  • Try the amp at different volumes.
  • The position will affect the sound so try different positions.
  • The microphone placed in the center of the speaker will produce a bright sound.
  • The microphone placed on the side of the speaker will produce a warm sound.
  • The distance the mic is from the speaker will affect the sound close will produce a punchy sound a foot away and the sound will be fuller.
  • Try a stereo mic technique placing one mic close and one at a distance and/or using different types of microphones


  • Cut low frequencies on guitar parts, below 50Hz.
  • EQ in small amounts and try cutting rather than boosting.
  • Drums and bass tend to work best panned to the center but this is not a rule.
  • Pan the parts recorded with stereo mics hard left and right for fullness.

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