Music Mixing Techniques For
The Home Recording Studio

Learn music mixing techniques to mix your home recordings like a professional.

After all your tracks have been recorded you can start mixing the individual instruments to make them fit together.

Mixing is a process where you take the tracks and

  • Set Volume
  • Equalization
  • Pan Levels
  • Depth
  • Effects

All of this can have a big impact on the way the song sounds.

Mixing the song is very subjective as you can mix a song in an infinite number of ways and each one can sound good.

The tool you use when mixing is a mixer. It can be software or hardware.

With the mixer you can:

  • Adjust the EQ of each instrument in relation to each other so they don't clash with each other.
  • Adjust the volume of each instrument so you can hear each instrument.
  • Use panning to position each instrument in the stereo field.
  • Add effects like reverb to add depth to the instruments.

When mixing you should experiment and try different mixes. It is also good to try the mixes on different play back systems.

Mixing can take as long or longer than recording the instruments but the time spent is as important as the recording process.

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